Bed Adhesive

$55.00 USD


Bed adhesive for all Pantheon materials

Ingredients: PVP and our special blend of magic and spice :D

Also works great for all nylons, co-polyesters, PETG


1) Clean the bed with alcohol; make sure you get any other bed adhesives off.

2) Apply to the bed with applicator marker.

3) Print!

Applicator Marker

  • 50mm wide tip
  • double silicone o-ring seal
  • 30-35ml capacity

Small Refill

  • 120ml
  • 4 marker refills
  • folding spout for easy refill

Large Refill

  • 475ml
  • 16 marker refills
  • pump top for easy refill 

Starter Kit

  • Applicator Marker
  • Small Refill
    North America Only
    ○ 10 year warranty on motion components.
    ○ 3 year warranty on electronics.
    ○ 1 year warranty on other manufacturer’s defects.